About WriteHuman

AI is here to stay, and our mission at WriteHuman is to exploit its capabilities, while eliminating its weaknesses. We want to provide tools that regular people can use and advantage of, without being exposed to the same risks we see over and over again when new technologies emerge.

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Why we created WriteHuman

In a world where AI tools like chatGPT have transformed the way we work and learn, questions about their ethical use have arisen. Companies have introduced watermarking techniques to discern AI-generated content, raising both detection and privacy concerns.

Our mission is clear: we're dedicated to researching and addressing these watermarking techniques to ensure your AI-generated content remains authentic and private. WriteHuman is our inaugural product, and we're excited to empower you with a solution that unlocks the potential of AI while safeguarding your content and identity.

Elevate AI to Human Perfection with WriteHuman

WriteHuman empowers you to effortlessly transform AI content into authentic, undetectable writing, ensuring your work seamlessly blends the best of both worlds.

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